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The book

The design of this book is based on a single image in which Vernooij’s work is situated on the edge of a dune forest on the island Ameland in the northern part of the Netherlands. The photo seemed photo-shopped because you see Vernooij's work from a distance and the work consists of thin white lines. It was almost too perfect. So why not really create fake images of his work? On coloured backgrounds and photos from natural landscapes, his works are placed within their natural constellation.


Vernooij has a fascination for Iceland, so it was easily decided the works would be placed on photos he made on many of his trips there. To create a flow, it starts with easily recognizable landscapes which become more and more abstract throughout the book.

The book simultaneously functions as a sculpture. The form of the book is an important part of the design. By using fold-out pages it is a more interactive experience. The reader can place different works next to each other and there is an element of surprise when unfolding it for the first time.

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